What is Nirvana CBD?

Founded in 2017, Nirvana CBD is a California-based brand born out of the desire to provide consumers with natural relaxation. The company operates under the core belief that CBD is a “miraculous compound” with the potential to revolutionize the medical world as we know it.

Nirvana’s mission is to give people the choice to choose an alternative, natural therapy to enhance overall health and wellness. On their website, Nirvana describes itself as a family and explains that building trust with its customers is of utmost importance. Therefore, all products are professionally formulated and sent to a third-party laboratory. From there, they are reviewed before being put on the market for customers to buy.

The hemp is reportedly grown in Colorado and Oregon, two of the top hemp cultivation states in the US. The manufacturing of products takes place in California. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with natural relaxation – users should feel minimal stress and enter a phase of relaxation naturally.

What Nirvana CBD Offers

CBD oil: their CBD oils have varying concentrations, and they come in different flavors: vanilla, peppermint, grapefruit, and strawberry.

CBD topicals: if you want to make your skin soft and supple, you may use their CBD lotion, if you want to recover from a muscle injury, you may use their muscle recovery lotion, and if you want to put some fragrance about you, then use their roll on.

CBD gummies: CBD gummies may make for slow absorption, but the effects hang on for a bit long.

CBD Shots: knock back CBD down your throat and experience amazing health benefits.

CBD softgels: like gummies, softgels or capsules have slow absorption but long-lasting effects.

Apparel: announce to the world your love for CBD by donning Nirvana CBD apparel.

Pros of Nirvana CBD

  • Great reputation. In the days of long ago, if a company wronged you, the only people you could tell were friends and family and colleagues. In that era, companies would misbehave without repercussions, but at present, we have the internet, where you can vent out to millions if a company wrongs you. It seems that most customers of Nirvana CBD have had nothing but positive experiences because they haven’t attracted any bitter online reviews.
  • Premium hemp products. Nirvana CBD products are of high quality and for good reason; they work with licensed hemp farmers, their ingredients are 100% organic, and they provide fast shipping and excellent services.
  • Store locator. Their products are available in thousands of retail outlets across America. You may use their online Store Locator feature to see which store is the closest to you.
  • Wholesale prices. If you are a CBD reseller, and you want to buy huge batches, you may contact their representatives to get wholesale prices. You only have to complete an online form and they will pick it from there.
  • Great packaging. Their products come in excellent packaging. They understand that it’s the small things (like packaging) that enable customers to develop an instant liking to the company.
  • They make their lab reports public. It’s easy for a company to claim that its products are verified by independent labs, but Nirvana CBD goes the extra mile by making their lab reports public.
  • Sponsorships. They have sponsored several athletes in non-mainstream sporting events.
  • Award-winning. They have won a few awards, which speaks to recognition by peers. Nirvana CBD won Best CBD and Best Roll-on in 2019.