About Key Nutrients

Key Nutrients is a supplement-based company that manufactures natural health products. The company is a family-owned establishment but has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Key nutrients insist their products are made with natural ingredients and are tested clinically using quality control measures. Moreover, the company affirms its supplements are formulated by Doctors.

What is Key Keto?

This strawberry lemonade flavored supplement caters to those who are looking to shed a few pounds with the use of exogenous ketones. The product is said to put your body into an instant state of ketosis without feeling lethargic, weak or unfocused. The manufacturer claims that with the use of this supplement, you will lose weight, feel energized and your mental clarity will be enhanced provided that you use this product in combination with a ketogenic diet and regular exercise. Another claim is that this product is free from any additives or artificial flavors.


Key Nutrients recommends that one scoop (13.9 g) be added to 14 oz of room temperature water and mixed in well. It is advised that first-time users start off with ½ a scoop and gradually increase to a full scoop. 1-3 servings are recommended as the daily allowance. Since the formula contains Silicon Dioxide, the dosage of the natural ingredients may not be potent enough to deliver effective results.

What is the Cost?

Each bottle of Key Keto contains 20 servings which retail for $49.94. This product is available for purchase online directly from the manufacturer as well as from third-party retailers. There were no discounts available for the product at the time of this review.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Key Keto comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee however, it is not specified whether this guarantee is limited to opened bottles or not.

Final Review of Key Nutrients Key Keto

After analyzing this product we found that it may be suitable enough to provide energy and put you into a state of ketosis based on the ingredients. We also appreciate that the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee however, it would be helpful if the manufacturer states what condition the product should be returned in. when looking at the cost, we found this to be an expensive product considering that there are no discounts and based on the fact that there are only 20 servings per tub, this is roughly a 6 day supply if you are taking a full scoop. While there are many mixed reviews, the general complaints were about the taste and cost of this product. If you are planning on using a keto product, we advise you to look around for alternatives that are cheaper and offer a full months supply per bottle.